Semi-dry wine, obtained from the fermentation of Palomino and Muscat grapes. Alcohol content between 12-12.5% ​​vol. Very light yellow with greenish tones. On the nose, it gives fresh sensations that remind us of grapes of origin and apple. In the mouth, it confirms its freshness and acidity. It reminds us of Albariños and Verdejos. It goes very well with the local seafood products.

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                         ALUCINANTE SEMIDULCE

 Natural, semi-sweet white wine from Palomino and Muscat varieties. Alcohol content 9.5% VOL.

It is bright yellow in color with greenish tones. The nose is very fruity and fresh, with tropical memories. And in the mouth it is pleasant and friendly, with alternating fresh and sweet sensations.

To enjoy in a nice place, in good company and at any time.

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                 COCOA WINE


n the 1950S, the foreman of one of the most prestigious wineries in Sanlúcar, was making liqueurs and spirits. It was then that Cocoa Wine was born. However, it became lost in time. Now the winemaker J. Antonio Palacios has revived the formula at the beginning of the 21st century.

Today, we want to put this exquisite liqueur on the market, bringing back its traditional formula.     


Sweet wine about 15 years old.

Amber with orange tones. The nose has memories of crianza wines from the Marco de Jerez, with notes of bitter orange and hints of cocoa.
In the mouth, despite its power, it is velvety and round. And it leaves robust and persistent flavors with good length.