Natural young wine, from Tierra de Cádiz. Composed of 75% palomino and 25% Muscat.

It is a different wine, whose  fermentation was stopped by cooling at very low temperatures to  achieve its maximum quality

It is  a bright yellow-light color, with greenish tones. On the nose; Very fruity and fresh, with hints of tropical fruits such as pineapple. The palate is very pleasant and harmonious. With very good balance leaving fresh and sweet sensations at the same time. Persistent and seductive, it leaving us wanting to drink more.

To drink  very cool temperatures, between 4 and 9º C. In a nice place and good company. With the possibility of tasting it AT ALL TIMES.

It goes very well  with everything salty: salted almonds, seafood from Sanlúcar and also with rice (especially Rissoto), white meats or a good pâté.

To keep in a cool dark place, free from vibrations.